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An exceptional cane made from exotic snakewood, finished with a frit handle and a brass collar. Fitted with a rubber ferrule.
Made from the coastal South American wood, snakewood, it has a  lovely reddish brown colour with contrasting dark brown or black colour patches which gives it its characteristic 'snakeskin' patterns, and an intense polished finish. Snakewood is among the densest and hardest of all woods, worldwide, so you are guaranteed to get a sturdy stick, that looks as beautifuls as it feels to hold.
Maximum length of 37" but can easily be cut to your required height.

Key Information

   - Height: Maximum length 37" (94cm)
   - Shaft Colour: Dark Wood
   - Shaft Pattern: Wood Grain
   - Material: Snakewood
   - Handle Style: Fritz
   - Handle Material: Snakewood
   - Ferrule Style: Rubber
   - Weight: 420g

This stick is made to order - please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery

May incur extra postage costs to cover insurance

Price is subject to change, please enquire.

Snake Wood Shaft with a Snake Wood Fritz Handle


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