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The Quattro four legged seat stick is suitable for people who want to sit for a longer period of time, or require greater stability than the traditional shooting stick.
The Quattro is easy to use as a walking stick and provides a comfortable canvas seat when opened. Ideal for use around town when shopping or waiting for the bus and is a valuable aid for those who need to take a rest from walking or standing. The two handled design offers the user support, if needed, when sitting down or getting up.

Polished aluminium frame with strong, rot-proof green or black canvas seat, 6" wide. Available in different walking heights: 32", 34" or 37".

Available in black or green


Quattro 32
Suitable for people up to 5' 3" (1.6m) tall

Seat Height: 19" (480 mm)
Walking Height: 32" (815 mm)
Weight Approx: 1.1kg
Maximum User Weight: 125 kgs

Quattro 34
Suitable for people 5' 3" to 5' 7" (1.6m to 1.7m) tall

Seat Height: 20.5" (525 mm)
Walking Height: 34" (865 mm)
Weight Approx: 1.1kg
Maximum User Weight: 125 kgs

Quattro 37
Suitable for people over 5' 7" (1.7m) tall

Seat Height: 23.5" (590 mm)
Walking Height: 37" (940 mm)
Weight Approx: 1.2kg
Maximum User Weight: 125 kgs

Sports feet are also available as an additional add on, these can be purchased on our accessories page along with replacement ferrules (B 19mm Ferrules)

Quattro Seat Stick


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