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A Chestnut thumbstick, with a scorched and polished finish and a fitted with a metal ferrule. Perfect for rustic walks.

All staves can be cut to size, but then a standard rubber ferrule will be fitted instead of a metal one. This is due to the end of the stick being machined to fit the metal ferrule.

PLEASE NOTE:- Customers who are based in Scottish Islands/Highlands, Northern Island, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight and Channel Islands will need to pay additional postage if it's not automatically calculated at check out. Please contact us with queries.


Please note we have a range of colour shades, widths and heights. Please let us know if you have a specific requirement.

Key Information

  - Height: Average length VARIES (125-137cms Approx)
  - Shaft Colour: Wood
  - Shaft Pattern: Wood Grain
  - Shaft Material: Chestnut
  - Handle Style: Thumbstick
  - Ferrule Style: Metal

Chestnut Thumbstick


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