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A superb cane made from West African afromosia wood, finished with a derby handle and an ornate pewter collar. Fitted with a rubber ferrule.
Often referred to as 'African Teak' due to its similar appearance, this is a durable and sturdy stick, suitable for every day use while still looking elegant.
Maximum length of 37" but can easily be cut to your required height. Fitted with a rubber ferrule.

Key Information

   - Height: Maximum length 37" (94cm)
   - Shaft Colour: Light Wood
   - Shaft Pattern: Wood Grain
   - Material: Afromosia Wood
   - Handle Style: Derby
   - Handle Material: Afromosia Wood
   - Ferrule Style: Rubber
   - Ornate pewter collar

Afromosian Derby with a Pewter Collar


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